SMS engages in evaluation projects and research

Increasingly, government, commissioners, and service providers use evaluation research in order to consider the ‘effectiveness’ of new and existing programmes, and/or interventions aimed at producing specific ‘outcomes’. The findings from evaluations focus on the strengths and weaknesses of various aspects of innovations as well of their overall outcome. This information is, in turn, used to consider how such interventions might be modified, enhanced or even eliminated in the effort to provide a better service, fulfil a particular need or meet a specific challenge. SMS is equipped to undertake small to medium scale evaluation projects and will work collaboratively with other researchers and institutions on larger projects.

Recording the Past for Future Gain

SMS also offers a history recording service to the UK substance misuse treatment sector. Historically for example, the voluntary sector has played a crucial role in shaping UK substance misuse treatment and yet little is known about the origins of many of these charities or their involvement in shaping wider developments. By developing new archives where possible, and taking oral histories from past and present employees and service users, SMS is able to bring to life the history of your organisation, produce a historical narrative that positions it within the wider UK sector and discusses its unique contribution.