Behaviour Change Counselling

SMS offers a private and confidential behaviour change counselling service to individuals with substance misuse problems

SMS will, in appropriate cases, provide a discreet non-NHS behaviour change counselling service to help individuals overcome compulsive behaviours such as alcohol or drug problems. Using a blend of evidence based approaches to behaviour change we offer appointments to individuals and families on an hourly basis, either weekly or fortnightly. The decision to do so rests with SMS, and decisions are taken on an individual basis, taking into account individual’s circumstances and factors such as logistics. Counselling, of a motivational nature, will usually take place in a location suitable for the individual. The severity and nature of the problem will be assessed at the first appointment. SMS is not affiliated to any treatment organisation or group. We reserve the right to refuse our counselling service to any person that we consider requires more assistance than we offer. We do not, and cannot, for example prescribe medical treatment but we can refer you on to these types of services.